Garages are found in many homes, but how do we maintain them? There is nothing worse than a rusted garage door that squeaks and creaks, or worse, gets stuck when you try and open it. This can be a sign that your garage door isn’t greased enough and this can potentially lead to a more serious issue later on. Find out below how to lubricate your garage door.

To make sure that your garage door has a long life, the most effective way to maintain it is by lubricating the moving parts regularly with a trusted product like WD-40®. Using WD-40’s Multi-Use Original Product on its rollers, door hinges, locks, and pivot points, you can:

  • Displace extra moisture
  • Lubricate and loosen stuck parts
  • Remove oil, dirt, and grease
  • Protect it from rust and corrosion

So, what are the DIY options available to maintain your garage door?

Silicone Lubricant Spray to lubricate a garage door

You can use a silicone spray on your garage door and on the parts that are causing the sound.

WD-40 High-Performance Silicone Lubricant spray is a lubricant in a spray that can be used to protect your garage door by waterproofing the fixtures and therefore preventing rust and corrosion. The lubricant will also prevent parts from sticking and binding.

White Lithium Grease to lubricate a garage door

You can also spray white lithium grease on different parts of the garage door to make it work and roll more smoothly. WD-40 High-Performance White Lithium Grease provides great long-term lubrication and has a high viscosity formula which means that it won’t drip or run. With all of these benefits, it can reduce friction and wear for your garage door leading to a longer life.

Scrape off the Rust

Look for rust on your garage doors and scrape it off. Cleaning the rust and grease build-up will make the job of the lubricator easier.

What is the Best Lubricant for A Garage Door?

The ultimate solution for your garage door lubrication is WD-40 Specialist Long Lasting Spray Grease. Its top-notch sticky grease, preventing corrosion by oiling and moisturising the hard-working parts of your garage door. Using spray grease twice a month for greasing will have a huge impact on the condition of the garage door.