You love riding your bicycle through different terrains, over sandbanks, dirt paths, and in hot, dry climates – but do you ever wonder how different terrains can affect your bike chain? Sometimes your bicycle can suffer from the dirt and dust that gets displaced when you ride and this debris can cause friction in your chain, ultimately affecting your performance. Here at WD-40®, we have the solution! Our WD-40 Bike® Dry Lube is perfect for bike chains in dry conditions. It has been specially formulated as a bicycle chain lube for off-roaders who like dry and dusty conditions, protecting against wear and friction damage.  Keep reading below for a guide on how to lubricate your bike chain.

The specially designed formula provides long-lasting lubrication and protection for your chain and the precise drip applicator minimises any waste when used in the application. The cycle chain oil works by penetrating into the links of the chain before drying, leaving a very thin and active layer to provide longer-lasting lubrication and reduced wear and tear.

Not a fan of the dry climates? Prefer the splash of mud as your mountain bike flies through forests and muddy terrains? Then try our WD-40 Bike® Wet Lube – perfect for those wet conditions, providing long-lasting lubrication and protection from corrosion on bike chains. It can keep your chain, derailleurs, and sprockets in the best possible condition by providing a long-lasting film that is resistant to mud and water.

Want a bicycle lube for all conditions? It’s time to try our WD-40 Bike® All Conditions Lube. No matter the weather (dry or wet conditions), it will provide all-round protection, displace water, and thanks to the strong adhesive properties of the formula, its long-lasting lubrication will protect your bike chain. The PTFE-based formula will also ensure that your bike will be fully protected from water ingression, rust, and corrosion. Complete in an aerosol format, the application is made easy, giving you a precise application.

But the real question is – how do you lubricate your bike chain properly and effectively?

How To Lube Your Bike Chain:

Step 1: Make sure that the area to be treated is clean and free from dirt and grime.

Step 2: Place the bicycle on a stand so that the rear wheel is free to turn.

Step 3: Place a rag under the chain to catch any excess bike lube.

Step 4: Position about 5cm in front of the derailleurs lower jockey wheel and apply.

Step 5: Apply the bike chain lube directly onto the inside surface of the chain whilst turning the rear wheel slowly in a counter-clockwise direction. This will ensure deep lubrication rather than just surface lubrication caused by applying to the top of the chain.

Step 6: Use a clean rag to wipe off any excess chain lube when finished.

Now that you know how to lubricate your bike chain, make sure that you maintain it regularly to reduce friction and wear on chain links. This will ensure optimum performance.

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