You feel something whiz past, the roar of the engine sends shivers down your spine and you see a fantastically shiny vehicle, gleaming in the sun. You look back at your car, the dull finish making you feel slightly ashamed that you haven’t put the time in to look after your own pride and joy. Do you just wash your car and then leave it? That’s only half a job! It’s time to get it gleaming with a bit of elbow grease – and we mean the ultimate handy polish and wax type of elbow grease. Find out how to how to polish your car by hand in our guide below.

Adding that finishing touch, such as polishing and waxing, makes such a difference and gets your vehicle looking brand-new again – you know, that ‘I’ve just left the showroom’ look we all desire – as well as extending the life and look of the paint and exterior. So, it’s time to stop fretting, get into gear and revitalise its old beauty. You will never be ashamed again.

Find our step by step guide below on how to polish your car.

What you will need:

 The process of polishing your car by hand:

Step 1: Make sure the vehicle is clean.

Step 2: Use circular movements to apply the wax onto the bodywork. Repeat this process until you are happy with the result.

Step 3: To polish the chrome trim, you can use a WD-40® Multi-Use Product such as WD-40® Flexible Straw System for that extra precision. The formula will not only leave a nice shine but can also protect the chrome, so when you use WD-40 you are also protecting it from future damage.

Step 4: For that extra gleam, you can also use our WD-40® Specialist® Motorbike Wax & Polish. Although it is designed for motorbikes, it can be used on any chrome to give an extreme, professional shine.

Pro Tip: If you are wondering “How do I clean and polish my alloy wheels and rims?”, you can use a WD-40® Multi-Use Product such as the WD-40® Flexible Straw System to reach into small areas and for extra precision. The product will not only clean and polish your alloy wheels, but will also protect them from unwanted rust, corrosion and dirt.

When it comes to how often should you polish your car, we recommend repeating the process seasonally – around four times a year to keep up with the change in weather conditions. Now go show off your freshly cleaned ride!

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