When travelling, your suitcase is the ultimate companion. However, they are easily damaged and can be expensive to replace. Between getting knocked about in the hold on planes, and general bumps and scrapes whilst walking, your suitcase can mount up some real damage, so it is important to know how to carry out vital suitcase repair when needed!

With some elbow grease and a little help from WD-40®, your suitcase will be looking as good as new in next to no time. Find out how by reading this blog:

Suitcase Repair 1: Repairing Dents And Bulges

If you have a solid plastic suitcase (rather than a soft one), they can often become dented after being treated roughly in the hold of an aircraft. Worry not, as there is a simple hack to remove these dents!

Open your suitcase and locate the areas which are damaged. Using a hairdryer, heat the dent from the inside, being sure to use circular motions to avoid pinpoint hot spots. When the area is sufficiently warm, allow it to cool for around ten minutes. The plastic should bounce back into its original shape, removing the dent.

If you have tried this tip to no avail, you could try a more forceful method. However, you should take care to not damage your suitcase further. Grab a rubber mallet and a block of wood. Place the wood over the inside of the dent, and gently tap the mallet to force the dent outwards. Be patient with this method, slow and steady wins the race to achieving a nicely repaired suitcase!

Suitcase Repair 2:  How to Fix Suitcase Wheels

If your wheels have been damaged in transit, there really is no need to splash out on a new suitcase! You can repair those too. Before removing the wheels and replacing them, it is good practise to clean and lubricate them to see that can fix the suitcase wheels first.

Remove as much dust and dirt from your wheels as possible in the first instance, to make it easier whilst cleaning. Using warm soapy water and a sponge or microfibre cloth, clean your wheels, ensuring there are no stones, dirt or grit left. Rinse well and allow the wheel to air dry.

Next, you should lubricate the wheel to ensure it runs smoothly and squeak free. Grab a bottle of WD-40® Multi-Use Flexible Straw and spray it liberally onto your suitcase wheels. Use the flexible bendable straw feature to reach inside of the wheels for maximum lubrication. This will also protect the wheels from dirt and moisture in the future.

If the wheels are beyond saving, you may have to remove and replace them. However, this is still cheaper than buying a new suitcase! To do this, unscrew the wheels from inside of the suitcase, and unhook them away from the case body. You will need to disassemble the bracket and replace it with a new one that supports your replacement wheels. Simply fit the bracket, place in your new wheels, and secure them as per the instructions that come with your wheel choice. Et voila, brand-new wheels without having to splash the cash for a new case!

Suitcase Repair 3: Suitcase Handle Repair

You may find that the telescopic handle of your suitcase may become stiff or stuck. There is a simple solution to this… lubrication! Grab that handy bottle of WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and spray inside of the telescopic rods. This will help them to unstick and glide easily, so you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck before you check your luggage. 

So, what do you think to these handy hacks that will save you money and maintain your beloved suitcase? If you found this article useful and would like to find out more ways WD-40® can help you every day, check out our blog page here. You’ll find plenty of other useful ways WD-40® can be of assistance, if it is a ski holiday you are off on, be sure to check out our blog on ski maintenance before you go!