Maintaining your car is incredibly important for those long-haul trips down the M60 or just to keep you going to the shops without worry. For that reason, we have compiled all of the best ways that WD-40® can be used to help! Maintenance, cleaning and even rust prevention; the list covers almost all of your car needs.

WD-40 Uses for Cars

Here are a multitude of different ways that you can use WD-40 to help with your regular car maintenance:

  1. Helps remove protective coverings from new cars
  2. Car scuff mark remover
  3. Displaces moisture from car wiring
  4. Cleans pin striping tape from car
  5. Treats car rust
  6. Loosens rusted oxygen sensor in the car exhaust pipe
  7. Stops squeak on car doors
  8. Lubricates car door hinges
  9. Keeps car locks from freezing during winter
  10. Prevents mud from sticking to undercarriages of ATVs
  11. Removes surfboard wax from car roof
  12. Removes baked-on bird droppings from car and truck exteriors
  13. Removes gum stuck in carpeting or between seats
  14. Removes gunk and grease from fenders, windows and car interiors
  15. Removes bugs from cars
  16. Keeps rubber car door seals soft and prevents drying and cracking
  17. Protects chrome on cars
  18. Protects corrosion-sensitive areas of the car
  19. Stops squeaks in car strut mounts
  20. Keeps a disassembled race car engine well-oiled and prevents rust when parts are sprayed down and wrapped in plastic wrap for the off-season
  21. Clean tyre sidewalls
  22. Spark plug lubrication
  23. Remove or replace licence plate
  24. Remove decals or sticker residues
  25. Polish plastic interior services that become dirty over time

Car maintenance doesn’t have to be hard with the right tools and a good can of WD-40 on hand! But always remember your yearly MOT to get an expert eye on the overall health of your vehicle. For more uses for WD-40, check out our full list here. Or explore more uses for bicycles, motorbikes or even around the home and garden.