How To Easily Wash Your Car Yourself

Sheridan Okey

22 December 2020

Things you will need

    uk wd40 multi use product 600ml front (medium)
  • High pressure washer and plenty of water


  • Car shampoo and Soft cleaning mitt


  • Chamois cloth or similar to dry the car


  • Car Polish and polish pad (optional) to remove light scratches or you can also use our WD‑40® Motorbike Wax and Polish


  • Car Wax and foam applicator

  • Window cleaner and cloth

  • WD‑40® Multi-Use-Product

Step 1

Wash Car With A Pressure Washer

Step 2

Dry your car

Step 3

How to Polish Your Car By Hand

Step 4

Wax to protect the cars paintwork

Step 5

How to Clean your Car windows

Step 6

How to Stop Rust on Your Car

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