WD-40 BIKE products will help extend the life of your bike.

Our Bike range  is the result of extensive research and development, working closely with cycling experts to produce a product range that delivers best in class performance for your bike

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Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how dirt and grit can affect your chain and derailleurs, and the general ‘ride’. It might be tedious for some, but some WD-40 Bike Cleaner, water, a sponge and an old toothbrush and is all you need! Our degreaser will help break down the oil and grit in the chain and gear sprockets.

  • Lubrication Lubrication  Lubrication ……


WD-40 has you covered when it comes to lubrication (no jokes please) …

Keep everything in great condition by lubricating it properly. This is especially important in the winter in wet conditions and the roads get even dirtier than normal and can have salt on them. The question is how frequently should you apply lubricant? Put simply, it varies depending on how often you ride and in what kind of conditions you are cycling in.

An Introduction To The WD-40 Bike Products


WD-40 BIKE Wet Lube is ideal for riders who aren’t put off by wet or muddy conditions. It penetrates deep into the chain to prevent rust and deliver long lasting lubrication in extreme conditions. It reduces friction & wear to increase chain efficiency, help you save energy and improve the quality of the ride!

An Introduction To The WD-40 Bike Products


WD-40 BIKE Dry Lube has been specially developed for riding in dry and dusty conditions. Its PTFE-containing formula penetrates into chain links and creates a fine lubricating film to ensure optimum lubrication, without attracting dust.

An Introduction To The WD-40 Bike Products


All Conditions Lube

WD-40 Bike All Conditions Lube is perfect for riders who love being outdoors in all conditions. The high-quality PTFE used ensures maximum lubrication and reduces wear & tear. It gets deep into mechanisms leaving a long-lasting coating to protect all moving parts against corrosion giving you a smoother, more enjoyable ride!


An Introduction To The WD-40 Bike Products


Note: Remember, there is no point lubricating your bike unless you’ve cleaned it properly first!


Brake pads

Worn brake pads are not good, whether you’re a pro or enthusiast! If you can hardly see the grooves, your brake pads are worn!

Screeching or squeaking brakes are often dirty brakes (or at the very least, dirty wheel rims). Clean and dry both components properly and most of the time, you’ve solved the problem. If that doesn’t do the trick, they may need adjusting!


Happy riding!