As the cooler weather begins to roll in, ice and frost can take a toll on our homes. One particularly bothersome effect of the crisp winter air is a frozen letterbox. As moisture and condensation collects around your metal mailbox, dropping temperatures can cause it to become frozen shut. And when this happens you are going to want to know how to unstick your frozen letterbox quickly!

What’s more, your front door (and letter box!) is the first impression guests have of your home, so it is important to keep it looking well maintained! With that in mind, how should you unstick your frozen letter box without causing damage?

Continue reading this go-to guide to find out our top tips.

Using Hot Water to Fix Your Frozen Letterbox

We all know one of the easiest ways to thaw ice is by applying heat. However, extreme heat such as boiling water from a kettle may cause more damage than it is worth to your frozen letterbox.

Plus, whilst using hot water to defrost the ice may work quickly, this hot water used can then re-freeze and add to the problem, rather than subtract from it.  You’ll be in an annoying endless cycle of frozen mailboxes!

To avoid these issues, and still gain the benefit of heat, fill a plastic bag (such as a sandwich bag) with moderately hot water, and seal it completely. Next, use this bag to press against your letter box. This motion will help to begin thawing the ice, without coming into direct contact with it! No extra water, no damage and a soon to be unfrozen mailbox!

How to Use a  Hairdryer to Unfreeze a Letterbox

This method is a popular one, as you don’t even need to step outside to complete it! You can do this in your pyjamas and slippers, and keep the vital heat indoors. Bonus!

All you need is a hairdryer. Simply place the hairdryer on its coolest setting (to avoid heat damage) and blow dry the inside of your letterbox. This will melt the frozen ice from the inside out, allowing it to become unstuck and move freely once more.

Once you have dissolved the ice, we would recommend drying the letter box using a paper towel. This is to ensure that no additional water remains, and it will not re-freeze over time!

Please note: when using electrical equipment, always ensure liquids do not come into direct contact with any exposed components.

Using WD-40® to Fix a Frozen Letterbox

Surprisingly enough, one of WD-40®’s many uses is actually ice repelling! Yes, you heard that right.  -40® Multi-Use Product has water displacing properties, meaning that it helps to repel liquids away from any surface you use it on.

To protect your letterbox throughout the colder months, simply spray it with this go-to household lubricant before the ice or snowy weather hits. This will ensure that once the chill arrives, your letterbox will already be protected by an invisible and protective layer of WD-40®.

What’s more, the properties of the lubricant will not only help your letterbox stay squeak free, it will protect it from rusting. Simply add an extra squirt of product onto the hinges, leave for a few minutes and wipe away. You’ll also notice an added subtle shine, so your letter box will look pristine for when your guests arrive.

So, there you have it! A letterbox that would make any postie proud. If you enjoyed this guide, and would like to learn more about the ways WD-40® can help you around the home, why not check out our blog where you will find plenty of other great ways WD-40® can be used!