As a jobbing builder, clients often asked what is my go-to tool and I always surprise the homeowner when I say WD-40® Multi-use sits alongside a spirit level, a humble pencil and measuring tape and trumps any nail gun, circular saw, or whacker plate!

Whether it’s to loosen seized bolts when scaffolding, the hinge on a cheap ladder that’s been left out in all weathers or to spray liberally into my cement mixers’ engine when trying to start it after the bucket of water bound for the drum mysteriously found the engine, WD-40® never fails to get you out of a tight spot.

As for the most bizarre use, that came following a request to be quiet! Asking a builder to work in silence is neigh on impossible but we tried. At the end of the day, the customer was a nurse in need of sleep following a round of nightshift’s. While we wrapped up sledge hammers with blankets to dumb down some noise and held back from drilling, it was my can of WD-40® Multi-use that saved the day when lifting a heavy steel beam into place…

With time being money, we couldn’t afford to wait an hour or so for our sleeping nurse to wake up so we had no other choice but to start cranking the genie we’d hired to lift the beam in place. But, to be fair, it made a right racket. From the clicking sound of the winch to the high-pitched wining of the steel rope and all the pulleys which cut to the core. A liberal dose of WD-40® Multi-use product sprayed on every touch point did the job to silence it.