There’s no doubt that for the past 60 years, WD-40 has been helping us all to ‘get the job done’. With its multiple uses and easy spray application, it’s no wonder that the blue and yellow can became a toolbox and workshop essential.

WD-40’s new Flexible Straw System makes it even easier, faster, and more efficient to use and apply WD-40. Although still an undeniable convenience to have in the home, this new innovation has never been more effective as it is now in the workplace.

Today we’re featuring our new Flexible super-can. Here’s our run-down of the best uses for WD-40 Flexible in the Industrial, Trade and Automotive industries.

Flexible Straw System – a reliable partner for every trade

WD-40 Flexible Straw System is a vital tool for any industry professional. The multi-use formula can get you out of all sorts of pinches. In an industrial setting, it’s is perfect for a range of uses from maintaining machinery to cleaning and protecting metal surfaces. You can use it to lubricate and protect moving mechanical parts. It displaces moisture, and maintains mechanical mechanisms.

In addition, its new innovation, the Flexible Straw, enables for precision like never before. The hard-wearing, heat-resistant, bendable straw can be used in any position and reach narrow spaces which would otherwise be inaccessible. This means you can often save time by avoiding dismantling and re-assembly. Great news for everyone, from toolmakers to service engineers.

In trade, Flexible Straw System is just as handy. Apply it to remove dirt and grime from metal surfaces or pipes. Use it to protect your tools and equipment. Or utilise it to lubricate and protect movable components. It’s also silicone free, meaning it’s safe to use in all trade environments, so it’s ideal for everyone from plumbers to joiners. The Flexible Straw is ideal for trade work. Take difficult or awkward plumbing jobs for example, where the underside of a basin needs to be reached. With the Flexible Straw this inconvenience becomes a complete doddle.

The perfect Auto companion

Due to its incredible versatility, WD-40 Flexible Straw System makes an essential tool for any automotive professional too. Ideal for a range of uses, such as spark plug lubrication and maintenance, cleaning oil from parts like exhaust pipes, removing stickers, decals, or stubborn scuffs and marks from vehicles, loosening stuck or rusty nuts and bolts, the list goes on. It will protect your equipment and vehicles from deterioration, wear and tear, and the elements, and is safe to use in all automotive environments from workshops to body shops.

You can use WD-40 Flexible Straw System on a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, rubber and glass, so it’s ideal for use in most industry professions.

Fast application, effective, and guaranteed to save you time and money. No matter what industry you work in, WD-40 Flexible Straw System is a solid companion to have at hand. And will definitely help you get the job done!