Today we’re back with another focus feature on one of our all-star Specialist cans. This time we’re taking a close-up look at our Motorbike range — more specifically, the WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Brake Cleaner.

Nothing is more important when maintaining your motorbike than the performance of the brakes! Your brakes are always vulnerable to all manner of debris on the road. This is true on both hot dusty summer roads and during gritty, sludgy winter conditions. They can also deteriorate in performance if your vehicle has been stored for a period of time. (For example, unused in the garage over the winter.)

This makes our Motorbike Brake Cleaner an essential partner for the care and maintenance of your bike all year round.

Motorbike Brake Cleaner — your all-in-one maintenance solution

Over time, substances like grease, oil or excess brake fluid can start to build up in the calipers, pistons or other components of your bike’s brakes. Although you won’t be able to see it, you’ll feel it. This build-up can negatively impact brake performance, and it can also become highly dangerous. Luckily, when cleaning the brakes of your motorbike, WD-40’s Specialist Motorbike Brake Cleaner takes care of it all.

The unique WD-40 formula will effortlessly cut through grease and grime, and dissolve any built-up debris stuck in the parts of your brakes. The fast-working spray dries in minutes and leaves no residue. It’s safe to use on brake discs, calipers, and clutch systems. Incredibly easy to apply, the high-powered discharge rate flushes out the dirt, and keeps your motorbike running smoothly all year round.

Regularly cleaning your bike with Specialist Motorbike Brake Cleaner can also reduce brake squeal and clutch slip, as well as prolong the life of your brake discs and pads.

Please always remember to test brake performance after any maintenance before setting out on your next journey though.

WD-40’s Specialist Motorbike formulas have all been developed in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, and also test all our products with Team WD-40, from the British Superbikes Series, to ensure that our range consistently meets the needs of intense use and high-performance race environments.