Ready to be introduced to another of our super Specialists? The spotlight this week is on a reliable all-rounder, great in all situations and applications. From our renowned Specialist series, meet WD-40’s Fast Drying Contact Cleaner.

In almost any trade in our modern world, and even in our own homes, electronics are used everywhere. We rely on computers, cell phones, appliances, power tools, and machinery every day to go about our lives. It’s a fact that with continued use, electronics will get very dirty. However dirt and other contaminants aren’t just an inconvenience. Without the proper cleaning and maintenance, dirt on electronic components can cause a whole host of problems. Build-up of dust and debris can cause overheating, which can lead to fires. Short-circuiting can also occur from overheating caused by excess dirt and dust, which can result in injury. Malfunctions can occur in un-maintained electronics which can damage, corrupt or lose you valuable data. And let’s not forget the risk of spreading germs through contact on un-cleaned appliances. Devices such as keyboards and touch screens can pose an issue if not properly maintained.

Fast Drying Contact Cleaner – keeping you safe and your electronics in top condition

To keep electronic equipment running smoothly and safely, it’s very important to regularly and thoroughly clean them. That’s where WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying Contact Cleaner comes in! Specially designed and formulated for cleaning electronics, its non-conductive formula can be safely sprayed onto even the most sensitive electrical components. It has a dielectric strength of 33,000 volts, protecting electrical flows, and is compatible with all plastics and rubber components.

Just like its name, once on, the product will begin to work fast, removing dirt, dust condensation and flux residue with surprising ease.

Using it couldn’t be easier. Simply spray the Fast Drying Contact Cleaner formula on and allow it to dry before powering up. Our Contact Cleaner will dry in moments, leaving no residue whatsoever. It’s especially useful for use on circuit boards and contact points, as it creeps into the hardest-to-reach nooks and grooves, removing the dirt. It’s safe to use on switches, spark plugs and even tape heads, and will remove all the contaminants that ordinarily cause current leakage and component failure.

Try it on printers or copiers to remove built-up grime and ink residues, and see how much the performance of your equipment improves! Or use it to clean and degrease your power-tools. With the Smart Straw engaged, you can precision-spray the formula, and target much more precise or hard to reach areas such as dusty phone chargers or battery terminals. In damp conditions, you can even use it to chase away condensation for better, more efficient electrical contact, such as in spark plugs and electrical connections in cars.

Found any other useful and ingenious uses for our Fast Drying Contact Cleaner? Get in touch and let us know!