The WD-40 Specialist range was created with industry professionals in mind. This means whether you’re a tradesperson or not, you can always be sure of top performance from the little multi-purpose can. This goes for all our products, including the subject of today’s focus feature; WD-40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant.

Designed specifically to target rusted or corroded components and mechanisms, our Fast Release Penetrant’s formula loosens stuck or seized parts quickly and easily.

When rusty, stuck or stubborn bolts or nuts become a problem, it can be tempting to try and use brute force. But this is usually ineffective and can actually be very detrimental to your equipment. The key with loosening rusted components is usually patience and time. While this certainly still applies, WD-40 Fast Release Penetrant works faster than the average penetrating oil. It has an extremely fine viscosity – fine enough to spray as a mist. This means it will find the smallest openings between metal parts and penetrate them. Our Specialist Fast Release Penetrant also has an extremely low surface tension, allowing it to seep into almost invisible crevices and cut through rust, seams and tightly bonded threads to easily saturate and lubricate seized fixings.

So now you know how it works, how should you use it?

Simply spray a healthy dose of WD-40 Penetrant on the stuck parts, and leave for a while. (Depending on the situation, the longer you can leave it to work the better. Maybe even overnight for those really stubborn jobs). Then, use your wrenches to try and loosen the parts. If they refuse to budge, don’t try and force them. Just spray them with another dose of Penetrant and let them sit for a while again before giving it another try. This works great for screws, nuts and bolts, but also works a treat on any mechanism where movement has become restricted due to rust. Try it for locked tap heads, jammed tools, or even a stuck pair of scissors.

Loosening rusted bike chains? Specialist Penetrant can be useful for that too. When you spray it on, the solvent will dislodge whatever gunk may be causing the chain to stick. It then evaporates, leaving a light lubricant behind. This will allow the previously stuck parts to move again.

Specialist Fast Release Penetrant – tough but flexible

The great thing about WD-40 Specialist Penetrant is it’s safe to use on a range of materials, such as metal, rubber, plastics, alloys and most paints. This allows you to utilise it in so many professions and situations. What’s more is it can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +90°C, meaning even the harshest seasons won’t impact its effectiveness.

Another great benefit of using our Fast Release Penetrant is WD-40’s Smart Straw. Not only does it have a 360° valve which allows it to be used at all angles, (including upside down!) the capillary action of the formula means it can reach extremely tight and hard to reach spaces. You can precision-target the worst problem areas easily and efficiently, getting you through fiddly jobs in half the time.

Highly water-resistant, our Specialist Fast Release Penetrant can also displace moisture that may be disrupting smooth movement, and can be used as a preventative to prohibit the build up of rust and corrosion in the future. It protects you and your equipment while keeping you on the move.

Found any other useful and ingenious uses for our Fast Release Penetrant? Get in touch and let us know!

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