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Chain Lube

What it does:

  • Provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Quick drying and long-lasting
  • Excellent anti-fling properties
  • Suitable for use on O, X and Z rings

This long lasting, synthetic chain lube is the perfect partner to reach for in the regular care and maintenance of your bike. The clear, smooth formula provides excellent long-lasting lubrication to all forms of high performance bike chain, and is compatible with O, X and Y rings. The thin, flowing liquid works to quickly and easily penetrate all parts of the chain mechanism, running into infinitely small gaps and drying quickly to provide an all over coating of lubricant that will keep working even in the driest conditions. The outstanding anti-fling properties means it lasts longer, through all weathers, and will continue to protect and maintain your chain mechanism from wear and water ingress until your next maintenance session.

Use Specialist Motorbike Chain Lube for:

  • O, X and Z chains
  • Any metal parts that require regular lubrication to prevent malfunction and seizure
Motorbike Chain Lube

Our Product Range

WD40-Motorbike-Brake-Cleaner Brake Cleaner
WD40-Motorbike-Chain-Cleaner Chain Cleaner
WD40-Motorbike-Chain-Lube Chain Lube
WD40-Motorbike-Chain-Wax Chain Wax
WD40-Motorbike-Silicone-Shine Silicone Shine
WD40-Motorbike-Wax-&-Polish Wax & Polish
WD40-Motorbike-Total-Wash Total Wash

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