Everyone loves a sparkly clean bike, but sometimes achieving the perfect finish can feel impossible. To attain the fresh from the factory look, it is important to focus in on the small details, including cleaning the wheel rims. These areas are often the first to get grubby, so you should pay extra attention to them whilst maintaining your motorbike. Fancy learning how to clean motorbike rims so they are shining? You’re in the right place! 

What Products Do You Need To Clean Motorbike Rims? 

Motorbike rims are tricky to clean, as you need to ensure that no lubricating product comes into contact with the brake discs or pads. Your braking quality could be seriously affected if these elements become exposed, so you should take care to ensure they are protected when cleaning the exterior of the wheel rim. 

To clean the exterior rim, we recommend WD-40® Specialist Bike Cleaner Spray. This water-based formula helps to effortlessly remove dust, grime, mud, and grease, and can be used anywhere on the exterior of your bike – not just the rims!  

For your brake discs and pads, we recommend WD-40® Specialist Motorbike Brake Cleaner. This quick drying spray easily eliminates oil, grease, and brake fluid from your discs to help maintain optimum performance and reduce clutch slip. It will also help to stop that irritating break squeak that you’ve been wanting to deal with. Bonus! 

How Do You Clean Motorbike Rims? 

Now that you have the right products, you’re ready to roll!  

To begin with, give your entire bike a rinse using a hose or power washer to remove any surface dust. Whilst taking extra care to avoid your brake discs and pads, spray your wet wheel rims with WD-40® Specialist Bike Cleaner Spray, and simply wipe the product away with a soft, clean cloth. For more stubborn dirt, use a densely bristled brush to gently scrub any remains. Finish with a final rinse using the hose to remove any remaining grime or product.  

Next, dry off the wheels using a clean cloth. We recommend avoiding drying your bike in the sun, as it may lead to visible traces of product. Once the area is dry, you can move onto your brake discs and pads. 

How Do You Clean Brake Discs And Pads? 

Now that your rims are clean, it’s time to deal with those brake discs. WD-40® Specialist Motorbike Brake Cleaner allows you to de-grub your discs safely whilst also maintaining your braking performance.  

First, shake the can vigorously and spray directly onto your brake discs. Use a soft cloth to buff away the product and wipe away any excess. Finally, make sure you test your brakes after each clean before travelling.  

So, there you have it! Sparkling wheel rims ready to ride. If you’re looking to do a full motorbike deep clean, or learn all the other ways WD-40® can be used on your motorbike then our trusty blog full of useful how to’s and guides is the place for you!