Have you ever had that feeling when riding your bike where you’re frantically trying to push the pedals, but it feels as though it’s stuck in mud? You look down and see your tyre flattened against the concrete. Disaster! You have a flat tyre. So, do you know how to pump up your tyres to get going again? Over time, tyres can lose air due to wear and tear so it’s  important that you know how to pump up your bike tyres so you can enjoy your bicycle rides just like you used to, without any complications.

First, you will need to make sure you don’t need to change the tyre due to a puncture or any other damage to your bicycle. If you are sure that it is just a case of needing to re-inflate the tyre, then you can follow our process below. 

What You will need:

  • Bicycle pump
  • Bike
  • Bike stand

Step 1: Locate the valve

Bike tyres will have a valve, open it by unscrewing the rubber cap at the top. Put the top somewhere safe like your pocket so you don’t lose it as you will need it later!

Step 2: Find your ideal PSI (pounds per square inch)

One of the most important factors for your comfort, enjoyment and performance on a bicycle is your tyre pressure. If you look on the raised print of your bike tyres you should be able to find the recommended PSI for your bicycle. Road tyres typically require 80 to 130 psi, mountain tyres require 25 to 35 psi; and hybrid tyres require 40 to 70 psi. Don’t let your PSI go any lower than the lowest number in the range; the highest number is the recommended maximum PSI.

Step 3: Put the pump on the tyre

Place the pump onto the valve. If there is a lever to secure the pump head onto the valve, ensure it is in the open position when placing it onto the valve and then snap it down once on the valve to secure it.

Step 4: Inflate the tyre

Press the pump head down several times to push air into the tyres. Keep an eye on the PSI so you don’t under or over inflate the tyres.

Step 5: Remove the pump

Once the tyre is filled with air within your ideal PSI range, simply pull the lever back up to remove the pump and quickly replace the rubber cap onto the valve before the air escapes.

So, there you have it – a quick and easy way to inflate your bike tyres. Want more tips and tricks on how to look after your bicycle? Why not read our guides on How To Lubricate A Bike Chain, How To Protect Your Bicycle From Rust or How To Remove Rust From A Bike Chain.