There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky dishwasher door. Although the problem may not be causing any actual harm to your machine, it can be irritating to hear and may become more of a nuisance as time goes on. So learn how to fix a squeaky dishwasher door right here!

So, how do you solve this squeaky situation? With a little bit of elbow grease, and a hand from WD-40® of course! Continue reading this easy guide to discover the important steps on how to lubricate your dishwasher door to stop the squeaking!

Clean Your Squeaky Dishwasher Door

First things first, you should take some time to clean and de-grease your dishwasher door. Using a kitchen de-greaser (which you can grab from your local supermarket), spray the entire inside of the door, paying extra attention to any areas with build-up.

Once you have sprayed the entire surface, allow the product to dissolve any greasy residue. Next, grab a clean microfibre cloth and massage the product in, disrupting all of the grime and wiping it away. Take care around the delicate pieces of the door and ensure that any stubborn residue is removed gently to avoid further damage.

Locate The Dishwasher Door’s Hinges

Now that your dishwasher door is clean and prepared, its time to locate those pesky squeaky dishwasher door hinges. On most dishwasher models, the doors hinges will be located on the bottom corners of the door. The best way to locate these is to open your dishwasher fully and use a torch to see them clearly. If you are having trouble, consult your manufacturers guide.

You should check the hinges for damage before you take any further actions. If the hinges are damaged, it is best to bring a professional (or your manufacturer) in for advice. You should also check that there is nothing stuck in the hinges that may be causing the squeaking. Once you have located the hinges, and checked they are not damaged or blocked, you can begin the lubrication process.

How to Lubricate a Squeaky Dishwasher Door

The most common cause of squeaky hinges is that they are not lubricated well. This is where your trusty can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product Flexible Straw comes in!

The bendable straw element of this product will help to reach the small crevices of your dishwasher door’s hinges with ease, as it allows for precision application. Spray the product directly onto the hinges of your dishwasher and allow it some time to work. After a few minutes, gently move the hinges backwards and forwards by opening and closing the door. This will allow the full hinge to be coated in the lubricant efficiently.

The product will not only lubricate the hinges, but also help to remove any remaining residue which could cause further damage. Furthermore, the product will create an invisible protective barrier on the hinge, which will repel dust and moisture, and protect it from rusting! Bonus!

Once you have completed your lubrication process, and allowed the product to dry down completely, you should let your dishwasher run on a full empty cycle. This is to ensure no product remains inside your dishwasher, as it could contaminate your crockery and cutlery!

So, there you have it. A clean, squeak free dishwasher door, ready for the next load! If you found this blog useful, and would like to find out more ways WD-40® can help you around your home, why not check out our other blogs here? You will find plenty of other great WD-40® uses from washing machine maintenance to removing bath sealant and many more!