Whether you’re gearing up for a sunny summer ride or just popping out to see a friend, make sure your motorbike is always well maintained! At WD-40®, we know a few tricks to help you on your way with our trusty blue and red can.

WD-40 Uses for Motorbikes

Here are 25 of the best ways that you can use WD-40 to keep your motorbike road-ready:

  1. Lubricate motorbike chains
  2. Remove sticker or decal residue
  3. Clean a motorbike chain
  4. Clean a motorbike carburettor
  5. Displace water after riding in the rain or water to help prevent rusting
  6. Polish chrome on a motorbike
  7. Clean wheels after off-roading
  8. Clean the spring arm
  9. Clean the sprocket
  10. Clean motorbike breaks
  11. Removes rust from you motorbike
  12. Helps to protect and prevent the buildup of rust
  13. Remove or loosen rusted bolts and nuts
  14. Lube keyholes or ignitions
  15. Helps to protect or shine plastic parts
  16. Can be used to help protect the rubber from drying out and cracking over time
  17. Release stuck footpeg
  18. Remove bugs or another residue build-up from motorbike
  19. Prevent bugs from sticking or residue build-up
  20. Help reduce scuffs or scratches in the paint
  21. Protects any chrome on your motorbike
  22. Protects sensitive areas from corrosion
  23. Remove stuck tyre pressure caps
  24. Prevent rusting on the radiator parts
  25. Remove mud or other dirt buildups from the motorbike frame

Thanks to WD-40 and it’s fast-acting formula, maintenance doesn’t have to be hard! Not to mention our specialist motorbike products like WD-40 Motorbike Chain Lube. And remember, if you find an issue or aren’t sure then it is always advisable to seek a mechanic.

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