When decorating, there are many hurdles you may face in the pursuit of your dream design. One of the most annoying and difficult obstacles that can put a halt to your decorating plans is a stuck paint can lid. WD-40® is here to teach you how to open a stuck paint can in a couple of easy steps!

So, how do open a paint can that’s stuck? We’ve got the solution! Continue reading this super handy guide to release your paint can lid in just a few minutes!

Start By Cleaning the Can’s Rim

Before trying to force the stuck paint can lid off, you should always attempt to clean the outer rim of the can to ease the lid off first. You can do this by using the end of a flat head screwdriver to scrape dried paint from the rim. Alternatively, a cloth and warm water may help to dislodge stubborn remnants.

How to Open a Stuck Paint Can Using WD-40®

If simply cleaning the paint can rim has not helped to open the tin, WD-40® Multi-Use Product is here to save the day! WD-40® Multi-Use Flexible Straw will penetrate the stubborn paint, loosening the grip and therefore making it easier to remove the lid without damaging the can.

Simply shake the WD-40® can well, and then use the flexible, bendable straw nozzle to squirt product around the edge of the rim of the paint lid. Allow the product to sit for three to five minutes. During this time, the product will penetrate the paint and loosen the grip on the can lid. Once you have waited the recommended time, use a flat head screwdriver to gently pry the lid away from the can. This will break the seal and finally give you access to your paint!

Please note: it is not recommended to use WD-40® Multi-Use Product on water-based paint cans.

How to Close a Paint Can to Prevent it Getting Stuck

You have finally been able to open your stuck paint can! Now you should take a few extra steps to ensure you don’t encounter this problem again in the future.

When you have finished using your paint for the day, always wipe any excess product away from the rim of the can before closing. This will ensure that leftover paint won’t dry and create a seal.

When you close your can, it is recommended to place a sheet of cling film beneath it. This will act as a barrier to stop the lid becoming stuck to the can. So, you can simply peel away the cling film next time you need to open your paint! As an added bonus, this layer will help your paint to stay fresh and debris free. So you will always achieve the best results whilst decorating.

So, just like that you can finally access your paint cans without struggling – and know how to prepare to avoid issues next time! If you found this blog useful and would like to find out how WD-40® can help you in other ways around the home, why not check out our blog page  . You will find plenty of other ways WD-50® can help with decorating including in removing excess bath sealant!