Looking for that perfect ride? Picture this: You’ve got ‘her’ out, you’re flying across dirt tracks and the wheels are barely touching the ground and spinning so smoothly… Well, this dream can become a cyclist’s reality as we help you reach this cycling nirvana – as long as you service your bike properly and regularly. Did you know having a dirty chain can decrease the efficiency of your bike and can lead to more issues over time? Every time you ride your bike, your chain can become dirty, grimy and greasy. What’s more, the grit that is accumulated over time can affect your speed and can even grind away at the metal leaving you with no option but to buy a new bike chain. So, how do you degrease your bike chain?

WD-40 Bike® Chain Degreaser contains a fast-acting formula that is great for the removal of thick dirt, mud, grease and oil from bike chains. It leaves no residue and can be used on chains, cassette sprockets, derailleurs and cogsets.

So, how do you use WD-40®’s degreaser for bike chains to maintain your bike chain? Find our quick and easy guide below:

What you will need:

Follow our guide below to degrease your bike chain:

 Step 1: Place your bicycle on a stand so that the rear wheel is free to turn.

Step 2: Add a rag under the chain so that it can collect any dirty or excess liquid.

Step 3: Apply the bike chain degreaser liberally onto the chain whilst rotating the chain anti-clockwise.

Step 4: To remove a thick build-up, run a brush across the chain to loosen stubborn dirt.

Step 5: Once applied, allow the degreaser to remain in contact for a few minutes. The grime will start to soften.

Step 6: Spray with clean water from a hose.

Step 7: Finally, clean with a dry cloth or towel.

Pro Tip: For best results, apply WD-40® Multi-Use Product to displace any water from inside the chain.

 And just like that, it’s looking like brand new again – and you can go enjoy that all-important ride.

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