When it comes to bike maintenance, WD-40® has a wide range of products to keep you road and off-road-ready! Between our Bike Degreaser and All-Weather Conditions Lube, you can maintain your bike come rain or shine. But did you know that a regular can of WD-40 Multi-Purpose can help keep your bike in top shape too? Check out below for a few ways that you can put it into action.

WD-40 Uses for Bikes

Here are some of the best ways WD-40 can help you maintain your bike, some you may never have even thought of, including:

  1. WD-40 Keeps dirt and mud from sticking to mountain bikes
  2. Prevents saltwater oxidation on bikes
  3. Prevents rust when sprayed on bike scratches
  4. Lubricates locks on vehicle bike racks
  5. Clean your bike derailleurs
  6. Clean your bike chain
  7. Lubricate a bike chain
  8. Remove rust from a bike chain
  9. Prevent a bike chain from rusting
  10. Pump up a bike tyre
  11. Helps to remove mud from mountain bikes
  12. Remove keys from rusty bike locks
  13. Lubricate bike lock mechanisms
  14. Help remove scuffs in the frame paint
  15. Clean and maintain cogsets
  16. Protect the bike frame from accumulating dirt for longer
  17. Penetrate stuck pedals
  18. Helps put on or reposition grips
  19. Protects spokes from corrosion
  20. Remove old stickers and any residue
  21. Unstick rusted bolts
  22. Loosen overtightened bolts
  23. Degrease the cassette
  24. Clean the drivetrain
  25. Tighten loose breaks

Whether you’re cruising on a summer bike ride or starting to ride back into work, make sure your bike is in its best condition. Maintain your bike with the above WD-40 uses or discover even more in our handy extended WD-40 uses guide! And whilst you’re here, check out our other 25 uses guides for home & garden, motorcycles and even your car!